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Patti  Towhill

Patti Towhill is a holistic counselor, and vibrational energy therapist, and author, who provides empowering assistance to anyone seeking change for the better in their lives.


In practice for 25 years, Patti has worked with thousands of people, first in Rhode Island where people from New Jersey to Maine traveled to enjoy her sessions. During her time in New England, Patti lectured and gave workshops at universities and new age learning centers. In December 2009, Patti moved to Atlanta, Georgia,. She offers in-person appointments there and continues to serve clients all over the world by phone.


                          Holistic Counselor

                 Certified Past Life Therapist

Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner


Patti Towhill provides empowering assistance for:


 ● Anyone working toward greater clarity, balance, and connection in all areas of life.


 ● Adults, children and infants in life transitions.


 ● Business people, athletes and artists seeking greater creativity and success.


 ● Animals needing help with their well-being.


The hallmark of Patti's work is her belief that everyone has the innate power to create their own healing and transformation. Her focus is on assisting each individual as they take their own steps into ever more conscious living.


Patti Towhill is a Certified Past Life Therapist. She has been featured as a past lives expert on television and radio shows and in conferences across the U.S. The non-hypnosis techniques and therapies that she uses are built upon methods pioneered by Dr. Roger Woolger, author of 'Eternal Return', 'Other Lives, Other Selves' and 'The Goddess Within', and Hans Ten Dam, author of ‘Exploring Reincarnation’ and 'Deep Healing', as well as her own therapeutic memories of more than forty of her own previous lives. Patti continues to create unique therapies based upon the thousands of regressions she has facilitated.


As a Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, Patti completed her training with Chloe Faith Wordsworth, founder of Resonance Repatterning and successfully completed the extensive requirements for full certification as a professional practitioner. Patti is an active member of the Repatterning Practitioners Association.


Patti's personal path through life includes four decades of working with her own past lives and energy system to heal karma and achieve deeper joy, peace and well-being.

Clients are saying . . .


  "Patti is a gifted healer who provides a safe and sacred time and space to do your inner work. She intuitively knows just what I need at each moment of a session."    —J.G.


 "You always know what I am talking about, and I feel heard by you, but you do not judge me. I feel safe and held within a sacred space."  



   "You have such a wealth of knowledge and

you know exactly what I need from that vast toolbox in your mind."          —H.G.


   "Your methods are sound and I always have a positive result from our sessions, but the main thing I take away is your optimism and exhuberant hope for me and my life. It's supportive and contagious! Thank you."



  "I am thrilled and amazed at what your beingness and Spirit provide for me when  I’m at a session with you.  You provide me with a relaxed, loving and caring beingness that I completely trust."                 —P.S.


  "Patti is 100% gentle and loving, with a soothing and light wisdom that helped me to open and freely explore what I already have within me."                           —T.L.


    "You are so skilled at moving my awareness to a higher level in such a gentle, natural way. I can relax and go with the flow because I know that whatever comes up in our sessions will always be the right thing for me at the time. I always leave our sessions feeling much better."                                 —D.Q.


Call  (770) 286-0041

9am to 7pm Eastern U.S.


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