Private sessions generally last up to 2 hours, however a session will never be ended in an incomplete state. We will go as long as

necessary to meet your specific goal for the session.


Appointment times are available Monday through Friday mornings, midday, and afternoons beginning at 10am. Last appointment begins at 5pm. Click the SCHEDULE button to view appointment availability​​.


Sessions are not covered by any health insurance.


Where sessions are done: 

Offering only Phone, Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or Distance Healing by Proxy Sessions at this time.   

In-Person sessions are suspended until the       Covid 19 pandemic has subsided.

Private Sessions


How to prepare for your session:


To receive the most benefit from your session, it is best to prepare by

contemplating the following questions. You may wish to write down

your answers and any insights you have.

   1.  What has motivated you to action at this time?

   2.  What do you think is the underlying cause of the issue you want to focus on?

   3.  What would you like to accomplish in this session specifically?

        If you have more than one goal, please try to prioritize them.

   4.  How do you KNOW Truth when it comes to you? In other words,

        what are the sensations or feelings that let you know you have hit upon Truth?

   5.  How would you like to feel after the session?

   6.  How do you envision your life will be when you have achieved your goals?

How much does a session cost?​

(As of November 6, 2017)

For one individual:


New Client/First Session     $150


Regular Session                    $125


Discounted 3-pack               $330​​​​​​​​

​Advance payment only.

Gift Certificate                      $15CLICK HERE


​For a couple at the same time:


First Session                         $250


Regular Session                   $220

Secure online payments are made

through Paypal, no account needed.

For in person sessions, cash and

checks are also gratefully accepted.


Call  (770) 286-0041

9am to 7pm Eastern U.S.