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You are a multi-faceted individual with many internal resources you can tap into to achieve your goals for healing and growth. Holistic Counseling brings you into the broad perspective of the Higher Self, and focuses your awareness on your own inner wisdom. You reach beyond physical appearances, and the labyrinth of the mind to directly perceive your own Truth.


By integrating the timeless wisdom of your eternal Self into this life, you exist in a continuum of ever-growing, loving wisdom. You are like the oyster, which can use a grain of sand lodged in its shell to create a pearl of great beauty and value. So you, over time, can also use your innate gifts to turn life's experiences into precious gems of learning

What is a session like?  To begin your session, we will talk about your answers to specific questions you will have contemplated in preparation for our work together. These questions center upon your positive intentions for the session.


Patti Towhill uses various focusing techniques that bring one the perspective of the Higher Self, from which all life is seen with eyes of wisdom and a loving heart. Understanding and answers come to you with a natural ease and authentic self-awareness in a flowing dialogue between your Higher Self and your conscious everyday self. Through this type of holistic counseling, you can experience your truth from the inside out.


Your Holistic Counseling sessions may be done in person, by phone, or videoconference. Click here to book your session.

Words of Wisdom . . .


Imagine how high you could soar if you were to clear away all those inhibitions that come between you and the sky.                                                                                                        —Oprah Winfrey



Clients are saying . . .


   "When I feel I’m ready for a new, higher level of conscious living, I always rely on our sessions to

take me there. Thank you, Patti!"  —T.D.



   "Even my friends and family have noticed that something is different about me:  I’m more lighthearted and happy. I have so much more

energy for life."                               —F.P.



  "I know that each session with you will bring

me substantially closer to my main goal for real happiness."                                    —L.R.



   "It’s been nearly a year since our last session and I’m still feeling the joy I felt immediately after our session. The profound changes in my life are wonderful!"                                  —K.R


Call  (770) 286-0041

9am to 7pm Eastern U.S.


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